The Fenix is Rising


"Catch Fire Rise Again" 60" x72"

“Catch Fire Rise Again” 60″ x72″


Introducing the signature piece “Catch Fire Rise Again”. Join us at the National Museum of Wildlife Art on July 12, 2014.


dear world.

and here is why…

The fenix paintings and sculptures are starting to finish up and ticket holders will have the first look at the AMAZING NEW ARTWORK!  The work will be available for presale and with less than three months to go, the artwork is beginning to surface!

VIP ticket holders will see the work first,
then regular ticket holders,
and then finally the rest of the art-loving world!

They will be released in waves, but if you want to be on the up and up and the in and in, first your gonna have to get yourself your TICKET!!!!

(Lets just do this now and avoid the embarrassment of missing this event in case it sells out!! haha)



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